You’ve made the decision to move to aqueous washers for your industrial cleaning tasks. Given the large number of variables in this process, there are a series of questions to consider before choosing or designing a process.

Here are some basic questions to consider in order to ensure that the system you choose will do everything you need as effectively and efficiently as possible.

  1. What is the size of the part to be cleaned?
  2. What is the part comprised of? What are the characteristics that may require special handling or create limitations on the processing?
  3. What is the volume of the parts to be cleaned? A major design element is the speed of the processing.
  4. What materials need to be cleaned from the part?
  5. How much space can you assign to the processing of the cleaning?
  6. How are the parts being cleaned now?
  7. What are the standards and process for measuring cleanliness?
  8. What happens to the part after it’s cleaned?
  9. Are their per part cost limitations to be factored?

CJI Process Engineering offers custom designed aqueous washer systems which fabricates and tests for the custom requirements of each customer. In the process of working with the design and process needs of each client, CJI brings to bear the full range of product design and unique methodologies and materials so that each system works at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The washers may use conveyorized belt spray, multi-station technology, or rotary drum as well as other unique methodologies, which include ultrasonic cleaning with oil separation by skimmers, and ultrafiltration membranes suited for emulsified oils. CJI Washers may be built in virtually any material, including fiberglass, plastic, stainless steel, titanium, mild steel, or other special exotic metals.