We live in an age of innovation – In today’s highly competitive global economy innovation rate is a key measure of a company’s survival. In most instances, generating ideas for produce or process improvement isn’t the problem. The challenge lies in the translation of the idea to implementation. In an era of compressed timeline for getting from idea to market the “innovative capability” of a company may spell the difference between success and failure. According to PwC’s Global Innovation Survey the most innovative manufacturing companies managed a 38% increase in revenues over the past three years – nearly four times the rate of growth of the least innovative companies.

Few companies have the engineering capabilities to design and create the components of their vision. In reality, in-house design draws people away from their regular jobs to work on areas in which they are not specialists. As a result, vital time is lost, efficiencies are missed, and the results may not be optimal in achieving goals.

Using an engineering service to move from concept to production line

  • Saves precious time,
  • Focuses experienced experts in each area of design and construction,
  • Allows in-house staff to stay focused,
  • Brings the best improvement possible to market.

CJI Process Systems brings an engineer’s mindset every project. Their expertise in converting ideas to reality follow a systematic, rigorous method to anticipate and solve design problems. With more than 100 combined years of experience, their engineering team has designed process equipment and components for a range of industries and applications. CJI’s in-house engineering personnel include:

  • Process engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Professional engineers
  • Our project management team includes a single point-of-contact who coordinates all aspects of each job.

CJI Process Systems can accelerate the development and implementation of innovation. Contact us at http://cjiprocesssystems.com to get started.