Anyone who has ever enjoyed dehydrated fruit will tell you that, without the water content present, the flavor is amplified because the sugars and other compounds that contribute to its taste are free to work their delicious magic.

Indeed, a lot of people overlook the sheer volume of water present in a multitude of things in our daily lives, from the food we eat to the human body itself. These same individuals typically overlook the sheer volume of water wasted in our daily lives.

More specifically, the amount of water wasted as a result of industrial processes is staggering, easily totaling in the billions of gallons across the nation annually. As a result, CJI Process Systems manufactures and sells their own line of custom, energy efficient evaporator systems. They allow their clients to save time, money, and the environment by reducing industrial wastewater discharge. Their appeal regarding CJI’s client base lies in the fact that the disposal of liquid waste through traditional means is often expensive and time consuming.

Therefore, CJI’s evaporators work by converting the water contained in aqueous waste into water vapor, leaving any remaining solids & oils behind. These products can then be repurposed or disposed of through approved channels. Reducing effluent volume allows CJI’s evaporator systems to significantly cut operating costs while promoting environmentally sound disposal options.

For over 20 years, corporate and government clients around the world have trusted CJI Process Systems for the design, fabrication, and installation of their process equipment. Through meticulous quality control and testing, CJI devotes the time and resources to deliver the highest quality products, materials, and workmanship necessary to exceed your expectations, guaranteed. To learn more about how CJI finds solutions for your specific needs, contact us at (800) FABRICATE.