“A failure Wednesday morning of storage tanks belonging to Farmer’s Coop in Hemingford caused 210,000 gallons of liquid fertilizer to spill,” was the headline news in a Nebraska community. This is an all too common story, and the consequences for the tank owners can be catastrophic – fines, damages, lost productivity, and much more.

The proper choice of materials, and high quality construction can reduce the risk of these kinds of failures. Use of liners and double-walled construction can add to the security of the tank. Engineering expertise can assure that the tank is fabricated of materials, titanium, carbon, thermoplastics or steel, which will not fail. Quality construction from machining, assembly, electrical, piping, sandblasting, polishing and painting can assure a tank that will be safe.

Creating and installing a top quality tank is not the final step in safe storage. Tanks fail from damage, corrosion, or poor maintenance. Regular observation and maintenance of tanks are vital to continued safe operation. Expediting repairs before they cause a failure is vital. Using the services of a company specializing in tank design, construction, and repair will be a sound investment in not being the subject of tomorrow’s headlines.