The news of an industrial accident from a pipe lead is an unfortunate reminder of the critical role that piping plays in the safe transport of chemicals. Unfortunately, such news is not rare, and in most instances the impact is serious.

In most industrial processes, product is moved from station to station via piping, the unsung hero of industry. These critical elements of a manufacturing process require careful planning, error free fabrication and installation, and attentive monitoring. The process begins with consideration of the chemical makeup of the materials that will flow through the system. The selection of materials for construction, the need for single or double wall construction, and the procedures for ensuring leak free joining are vital to problem free performance under production conditions. Depending on the industrial application, piping can be constructed of carbon steel, alloys, ABS, CPVC, polypropylene, Teflon, copper, titanium, PVC and more. The choice of materials is critical to ensuring failure free, non-reactive transport of material. Joining methods are equally critical both in process and in quality, reliable implementation. The choice of methods is based on both the material and the process. Assuring ASME and other standards are met for these processes and that work is completed by certified welders assures quality outcomes. When an operation has a process that involves moving dangerous chemicals the cost of failure can be very high.

A company such as CJI Processing brings its half-century of success and expertise to these projects. CJI is prepared to assist in the design of piping systems including the choice of the piping material, and the joining process. Once the system is designed, CJI certified fabricators can create the joined piping and install it on site and complete the task with extensive field testing to assure that all systems work as attended. Working across many industries on piping for chemical plants, high pressure gas lines, spray systems, food processing lines, tank farms, compression systems and many others – CJI offers quality solutions for vital functions.