The next time you have a desire to see how mesmerized you can become in one day, drive past a petroleum refinery! The sheer number of pipes that sprawl like veins over dozens of acres is quite the visual display. Indeed, classifying these facilities as one of modern society’s “necessary evils” is at once understandable, yet somewhat unfair… Because it is through those pipes that almost every conceivable aspect of our lives follows its journey from raw material to something we can’t live without.

Yet, process piping is one of the most critical components of a process system, especially when it carries substances that can be harmful to people or the environment. While nobody appreciates encountering a leaky water pipe within their own home, often the kinds of materials steel process piping may carry through them cannot allow for any drips or leaks over time, let alone errors caused by an inferior installation.

For such crucial work, rely on CJI Process Systems to do the job right. We maintain the highest quality control standards and we utilize certified individuals who are experts in the art of joining pipes together, whether it be welding, soldering, threading, or fusion. This ensures that all pipes are joined correctly and work as intended. CJI has experience designing, fabricating, and installing single & double-wall piping systems for a wide variety of industries and applications.

For over 30 years, corporate and government clients around the world have trusted CJI Process Systems for the design, fabrication, and installation of their process equipment. Through meticulous quality control and testing, CJI devotes the time and resources to deliver the highest quality products, materials, and workmanship necessary to exceed your expectations, guaranteed. To learn more about how CJI finds solutions for your specific needs, contact us at (800) FABRICATE.