Wastewater treatment systems throughout the United States suffer from lack of maintenance and the demands of a greater population.  Like roads and bridges, wastewater treatment plants have been allowed to age unattended in many instances.  Some estimates put the cost of updating systems around the country at upwards of almost $180 billion. 

There are several issues with existing systems.  Current systems use a vast amount of energy in the electrical power drawn to filtering systems.  In a world where energy often comes at the cost of climate impact, systems which use less energy are both economically and environmentally important.  Many current systems require labor intensive management, and this adds to the cost.  Increasingly automated systems can save on labor costs and provide employment for skilled operators. In the process of treating wastewater plants create an adverse environmental impact.  Technological advances can reduce this effect. 

Big problems require big solutions, and a vast array of scientists and engineers are working to meet the challenge of wastewater.  These efforts fall into three categories: New Technologies focus on lessening the energy required to treat water, finding ways to reuse sludge and water, and recovering materials that can be put to use in productive ways.  Engineering considers adaptations to existing systems, new processes that restructure existing ones, and entirely new concepts. 

CJI Process Systems is proud to be the number one resource that OEM water treatment companies choose to manufacture their build-to-spec systems, such as those used for water purification, process water / wastewater treatment, and chemicals recovery and distribution. Our fabrication experience spans the full range of water treatment equipment and includes the following:

  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Media filtration
  • Ion exchange systems
  • Clarification systems
  • Pump stations
  • Filtration
  • Disinfection systems
  • Oil/water separation systems
  • Electrolytic systems

Tomorrow’s technologies are being developed today by scientists and engineers bringing 21st Century solutions to this most basic of human needs.